“At Christmas last year (2013), my younger sister was up from Florida (a not so common occurrence for the holidays) so we were trying to get some good pictures of the four siblings together. At some point we wanted to include our Mom in a picture, but since there really wasn’t enough room on the couch for her to sit with us, we tried this pose for fun. My wife was taking the picture and she was noticing that some of us were squinting. So she told everyone to open their eyes wide. Hence these expressions.”

(submitted by Peter)

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Dashing Through The Snow

“Our first family photo with our son Brett and my wife wanted to have Christmas photos taken to send out to the family. I put on a smile, but I have always HATED this photo as we looked like giants in this teeny little sleigh.”

(submitted by Joel)

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Jingle Bells

Peace, love, and whoa.

(submitted by Sarah)

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Kicking And Screaming

Fortunately, this Santa works as a bouncer in the off-season.

(via LisaMariePhotography)

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Who needs Halloween?
(submitted by Ana)
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