Meowy Christmas 4

Meowy Christmas 4 - Christmas

“We are really serious cat people and decided this would be a hilarious way to celebrate the holidays. Our ‘Baby Jesus’ was not happy about it and growled as she was being wrapped in swaddling clothes. But that’s the price you pay for great art!”

(submitted by Kristine)

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Holly Jolly

Holly Jolly - Christmas

“My Dad is an OB/GYN and was on-call for Christmas. This is how he visited patients.”

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The Solo Christmas Party

The Solo Christmas Party - Christmas

“My Christmas party was great, but because of the snow, nobody showed up.”

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Christmas Card Shenanigans

Christmas Card Shenanigans - Christmas

“My wife left the Christmas cards to me. She designed the front, but didn’t know about the back until all 50+ cards were shipped.”

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Navel Gazing

Navel Gazing - Christmas

“This was my cousin’s family Christmas card. Nothing says Christmas like belly button lint.”

(submitted by Cass)

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Holiday Medley

Holiday Medley - Christmas

“For our annual Christmas card one year, my dad decided it would be a good idea to showcase ALL of the holidays. ¬†Sancho the dog is Arbor Day.”

(submitted by Jessica)

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They See Me Rollin’

They See Me Rollin’ - Christmas

“A couple of years ago my daughter had surgery on both of her legs over Christmas break. Tired of being cooped up in the house she decided last minute she wanted to go to a Christmas party with her church youth group. We scrambled for ideas for the costume competition and settled on her being a ballerina from The Nutcracker (her sister went as a nutcracker). This was taken midway through the party when I’m pretty sure she was exhausted and maybe the pain meds started wearing off. ¬†Either way, her friends decided to make her a bit more festive and this is the end result.”

(submitted by Stacey)

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