The Kid Stays In The Picture

The Kid Stays In The Picture - Christmas

You’ve got two choices this holiday season… either do what you’re told or do what you’re told.

(submitted by Jessica)

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Also I Don’t Have Eyebrows

Also I Don’t Have Eyebrows - Christmas

“My sister and I with very bad haircuts and a very creepy Santa. Also, I don’t have any eyebrows.”

(submitted by Lisa)

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Heavy Metal Christmas

Heavy Metal Christmas - Christmas

(submitted by Bryan)

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Look Away

Look Away - Christmas

It’s the most awkward time of the year.

(submitted by Tiana in Canada)

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The Rudolphs

The Rudolphs - Christmas

He didn’t want to play in their reindeer games.

(submitted by The Hudson Family)

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Snowmin - Christmas

A reminder to dream big.

(submitted by Heather)

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