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Best Band Name Ever

Best Band Name Ever - Co-Workers & Teams

Giving Turds of Misery a run for their money.

(submitted by Darryl)

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Awkward Band Photos

Awkward Band Photos - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

The Awkward Family team searched high and low to find the most awkward band photos of all time. Notice we don’t say worst, because the way we see it, these uncomfortable album covers are works of art in their own unique way. We hope you feel the same way!

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Jurassic Snark

Jurassic Snark - Co-Workers & Teams

“A ‘friend of mine’ gave this to his boss.”

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Team Spirit

matching outfits, funny team photo

“From my friend’s Hardee’s days.”

(submitted by Aaron)

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Change Of Scenery

funny glamour shot

The cubicle is looking pretty good now.

(via Robin)

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I Want Your Sax

I Want Your Sax - Co-Workers & Teams

They just slipped into something more comfortable.

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