Bathroom Gollum

Bathroom Gollum - Couples

“I think I’m married to Gollum.”

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Rubbing It In

Rubbing It In - Co-Workers & Teams

“My wife is spending a week back home with her family. She sent me a picture of herself and her two sisters and mom having lunch. I responded accordingly.”

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Slice Of Lifeguard

Slice Of Lifeguard - Couples

“We didn’t know one of the Jamaican lifeguards photobombed us until we got home and looked at the pictures. The look of horror on our faces is because we were told to jump, but jumped on the wrong count.”

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Uninvited Guest 2

Uninvited Guest 2 - Couples

“I don’t think they’ll be using this for the wedding invitations.”

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Taking A Stab At Decorating

Taking A Stab At Decorating - Couples

“My wife said I could decorate the guest bathroom as my own. Multiple screams have ensued.”

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Leaf Betrayal

Leaf Betrayal - Couples

“‘Throw some leaves! It’ll look nice!,’ the photographer said.”

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Lemur Relief

Lemur Relief - Couples

“My wife and I were on a trip to Mexico. One day on the beach, a guy was walking around with a lemur and a photographer. We thought it wild be cute to get one of the photos he was providing. It wasn’t until my wife made it her profile picture that we realized the lemur was taking a dump on my arm. Now the picture completely grosses me out.”

(submitted by Thomas) 

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