Spider Killer

Spider Killer - Dad

“My Dad’s present to my sister.”

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Baby Legs

Baby Legs - Babies

“My friend looks like he has baby legs on his denim-colored couch.”

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Bat Dad

Bat Dad - Dad

“My Dad is running for sheriff. I think he’s gonna win.”

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Got The Memo

Got The Memo - Dad

“Graduation gift from Dad.”

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Faces Of Terror

Faces Of Terror - Dad

“I took all three of my daughters on the same log ride.”

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Wrapped Up For Christmas

Wrapped Up For Christmas - Christmas

“We were at a Christmas party when my daughter was five. ¬†We played a game where the kids had to decorate one of their parents like a Christmas Tree. This picture was the result of that game.”

(submitted by Tonya)

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Guess Who’s The Stepson

Guess Who’s The Stepson - Christmas

“This is a 1987 Christmas morning aftermath with me, my 6-month-old son Nathan, my 12-year-old son Justin and my 17-year-old stepson Damond. Damond looks thrilled with his present of a new Heater/Fan.”

(submitted by Jon)

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