The ‘Stache Stash

The ‘Stache Stash - Dad

“Cleaning out my father’s phone when I see a variety of selfies he took while shaving his beard off. He showed these to no one and Hitler is one of them.”

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Bird Feeder

Bird Feeder - Babies

“Daddy is chatting with a friend and does not notice┬áthe┬áduck nibbling on the baby’s toes.”

(submitted by Debbie)

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Coffee Is Necessary

Coffee Is Necessary - Dad

“My Dad and I when I was a kid. Clearly we’re not morning people.”

(submitted by Chad)

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Big Trouble In Little Shirt

Big Trouble In Little Shirt - Dad

“My Dad underestimated the size differences between China and America.”

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Selfie Mode

Selfie Mode - Dad

“Stop taking selfies, Dad, your daughter just got engaged!”

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Lowlight Reel

Lowlight Reel - Dad

“My family tried backyard football for the first time.”

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Flower Girl False Start

Flower Girl False Start - Dad

“Fifteen minutes before the wedding everyone was rushing around getting ready. My sister had just pulled the petals off the roses and placed them into the flower girl bucket for my niece. Not thinking, my sister then hands the bucket over to my 3 year old niece. My niece promptly dumps the bucket over almost as soon as she gets a good grip on it, while my sister looks on in horror, and my Dad (being the father of five spirited daughters) looks on knowing this was the only possible outcome! (My niece dumped it again halfway down the aisle.”

(submitted by Asia)

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