Optical Delusion

Optical Delusion - Dad

“Using photobooth, I caught my dad at a bad angle.”

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Mr. Hipster

Mr. Hipster - Dad

“My 6-year-old dad trying on new fashions at Urban Outfitters.”

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Call Of The Wild

Call Of The Wild - Dad

“I was viciously attacked by a wolf this weekend while my family looked on.”

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Dad’s Baby Arm

Dad’s Baby Arm - Dad

“If the fact my dad looks like a serial killer or the ET shirt I’m rocking isn’t enough awesomeness in one photo, please enjoy the awkwardness of my dad’s arm with a baby’s hand.”

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Dad And The King

Dad And The King - Black And White

“My Dad and Elvis. He always told us they hung out together and we never believed him, until now.”

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Making It Rain

Making It Rain - Dad

“My husband and I were on vacation in Florida with our boys. I thought a photo of them at the picnic table was a cute idea. Important detail: my youngest son was being potty trained at the time. I had him in an over-large t-shirt with his training undies off after a day on the beach. When my youngest decided to pull up his t-shirt, I went ahead and took the shot anyway with his dad happily unaware of what was happening behind him.”

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Big Dad, Little Baby

Big Dad, Little Baby - Babies

“My dad is a big man, and I was a little baby. The details in the couch including a juice box sliding between cushions, and a crack in the wall covered with tape, both highlights our living situation back then. Our house may not have been rich, but the love was. And I promise I didn’t just get done breastfeeding with him!”

(submitted by Nianna)

In Babies • March 14th, 2017 • Comments Off on Big Dad, Little Baby
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