My Brother, The Cupid

My Brother, The Cupid - Couples

“This is my second cousin ‘Jessica’ who happens to be engaged to the man holding the heart. They both work at the library. The Cupid here is her brother. This is the engagement photo they used in their wedding invitation.”

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Engage This

Engage This - Black And White

“My sister got engaged at a baseball game. Somebody wasn’t happy about it.”

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Two Special Moments

Two Special Moments - Couples

“A friend of mine and her boyfriend took their dogs on a walk in the woods the other day when he decided to pop the question. They wanted to capture the special moment. Little did they know they would capture two special moments.”

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Six Pack

Six Pack - Couples

“My friend’s engagement photos. Seems legit.”

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Dog Photobombs Engagement Photoshoot

Dog Photobombs Engagement Photoshoot - Awkward Galleries

You’re trying to take the perfect engagement photo. You figure you can’t leave out Chester. But he had other ideas.

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The Dragonborn

The Dragonborn - Couples

“Babe let me wear my favorite shirt for our engagement photos.”

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Pride And Prejudice

Pride And Prejudice - Couples

“My boyfriend organized a surprise Pride & Prejudice-themed proposal for me!”

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