Dog Photobombs Engagement Photoshoot

Dog Photobombs Engagement Photoshoot - Awkward Galleries

You’re trying to take the perfect engagement photo.¬†You figure you can’t leave out Chester. But he had other ideas.

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The Dragonborn

The Dragonborn - Couples

“Babe let me wear my favorite shirt for our engagement photos.”

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Pride And Prejudice

Pride And Prejudice - Couples

“My boyfriend organized a surprise¬†Pride & Prejudice-themed proposal for me!”

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Excitable Boy

Excitable Boy - Couples

“My sister and her fiance took their dog with them for engagement pictures.”

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Metalocalypse - Couples

“They encountered a black metal band during their engagement shoot.”

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Getting It Off His Chest

Getting It Off His Chest - Couples

“My friend proposed to his girlfriend. She’s an X-ray tech at a chiropractor clinic. He set an appointment to go by and get an adjustment. Knowing she would be the one to do the X-ray, he got soldering wire, bent it into the letters he wanted and then taped it to his stomach along with the ring. Yes, his shirt was on for the X-ray, so she had no idea. And yes, this actually happened today. I’ve already been asked to be his best man.”

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Selfie Mode

Selfie Mode - Dad

“Stop taking selfies, Dad, your daughter just got engaged!”

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In Dad • October 7th, 2016 • Comments Off on Selfie Mode
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