The “Borrowed” License

The “Borrowed” License - Friends

“My friend received a surprise in the mail.”

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Burn - Friends

“My friend asked her students to use the word ‘single’ in a sentence.”

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Toothpaste Mistake

Toothpaste Mistake - Friends

“Friend of mine started their day off poorly.”

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Splitsville - Friends

“Splitting my pants five minutes before the ceremony? Worth it.”

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Fight For Your Right To Party

Fight For Your Right To Party - Friends

“I threw a party while my parents were away. It was the 80′s, so big hair was all the rage, along with cutoff shirts, off-the-shoulder shirts, and partying like there’s no tomorrow. Humidity mixed with my naturally curly hair made for this wonderful look.  The White Castle container on the table was a nice touch.  My parents sure made a statement with the decor.”

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Baby Pumpkin

Baby Pumpkin - Friends

“This is my friend’s husband inside a pumpkin bounce house. Nothing better than a family outing where you see a live breech birth.”

breech 2

breech 3

breech 4

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Message Sent

Message Sent - Friends

“My buddy kept asking to use my Amazon Prime, so I loaded up my cart before letting him log in.”

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