The History Of Man… Weekend

The History Of Man… Weekend - Awkward Galleries

“Every year my buddies from college and I get together to have a ‘Man Weekend.’ We usually just drink beer and play washers. However, Saturday morning is the main event. We dress up each year with a different theme that involves facial hair. Here are the results from the last 5 years.”

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Dancing On The Ceiling

Dancing On The Ceiling - Friends

“My friend threw a party at his parents house. Cops came and a girl fell through the ceiling.”

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Curt’s New Hat

Curt’s New Hat - Friends

“Old friend buys a billboard showing his new hat.”

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Flock Of Seagulls

Flock Of Seagulls - Friends

“This picture was taken in 1989 when we were 15, we thought mullets were cool. On that day, I had a particularly tight curly mullet. I guess I thought I was a mini Gene Simmons at age 14. My friend at the bottom of the picture was rocking his best Flock of Seagulls haircut. Another irony was the guy on the right had a La Jolla Sea Gull shirt on. What was he doing with his hand?”

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Cheesequake - Friends

“My friend wanted to take a picture with her cheesecake. She tilted the plate too much.”

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Look Who’s Talking

Look Who’s Talking - Friends

“I found this photo while going through old albums for my grandmother’s viewing.  The couple in the picture were friends of my grandparents.  The woman made puppets and put on puppet shows for kids’ birthdays.  According to one family member, “She wasn’t very good.”  And apparently, she was a little too attached to those puppets.”

(submitted by Lauren)

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That Girl Is On Fire

That Girl Is On Fire - Friends

Check please.

(submitted by Karen)

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