Three Wishes

Three Wishes - Dad

“My friend’s son got three wishes at daycare for a magic genie to grant. This is what he wished for.”

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Dad The Raccoon Hunter

Dad The Raccoon Hunter - Dad

“This is my friend Jerry, his two younger brothers, and his Dad. I think it’s pretty much self explanatory.”

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The Awkward Years

The Awkward Years - Friends

“This is actually a picture of my friend. She went through a very awkwardly adorable time in her life. Every time I’m upset she flashes me this picture. Enjoy!”

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Build-A-Date - Friends

“This is my good friend and his friends before their senior prom. (He’s on the far right with his ‘date’). So many awkward things happening in this picture.”

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Yaks N Things

Yaks N Things - Friends

“A friend of a friend accidentally bought a live yak while on sleeping pills.”

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Moving On Is A Process

Moving On Is A Process - Couples

“My friend decided to cover up the tattoo of his ex-wife.”

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The Will To Entertain

The Will To Entertain - Friends

“This is my buddy’s will he wrote before his deployment.”

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