Master Blaster

Master Blaster - Friends

“My friend bought a huge┬álaser for his lighting company and decided to freak out his buddy. Across town.”

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The BFG - Friends

“My already-tall (7ft) friend accidentally took an optical illusion photo.”

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One Big Happy

One Big Happy - Family Portrait

“This is a photo of me, my cat and my best friends from high school. Looking back on it now I think it makes us look like we’re all married to each other. Epic!”

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Black Swan Boy

Black Swan Boy - Celebs

“This is my friend at age 13. He looked exactly like Natalie Portman.”

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Hand To Neck

Hand To Neck - Friends

“My bestie and I were excited to finally have a cute picture together, until we noticed my son’s hand dangling from my neck like a growth.”

(submitted by Abby)

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Pier Pressure

Pier Pressure - Friends

“My friend just uploaded her prom pictures, and this showed up.”

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Wonder Boy

Wonder Boy - Friends

“A picture of my friend getting the game-winning hit in little league. The contrast between pure victory and utter defeat.”

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