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Awkward Date

Happy Grandparents Day to the best awkward grandparents in the world!



In Grandma & Grandpa • September 9th, 2012 • 5 Comments »

Awkward Family Photos Show Premieres!

Here’s a look at our first episode, The Family Portrait, with special guest appearance from the AFP Grandparents.

In AFP YouTube Show • September 7th, 2012 • 28 Comments »

Giddy Up

It’s always the quiet ones.

(submitted by Joe)

In Grandma & Grandpa • August 1st, 2012 • 20 Comments »

Behind The Awkwardness: Out Of The Picture

“My grandma wasn’t too happy when my dad and my step-mom got divorced. She decided the best way to handle it was to cut her out, literally. I am the one to the right feeling a little left out.”

(submitted by Amber)

In Behind The Awkwardness • June 28th, 2012 • 16 Comments »

The Overfrown 3

She always looked forward to spending time with Grandma.

(submitted by Amber)

In Babies • May 19th, 2012 • 11 Comments »
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