How Grandma Got Her Groove Back

How Grandma Got Her Groove Back - Grandma

“Was visiting my grandma and found this photo of her New Year’s cruise. What the hell, grandma?!”

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Shirt Happens

Shirt Happens - Grandma

“So my name is Brodie Jonas. My grandma found this shirt for me thinking it was a great coincidence. Thanks, grandma.”

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Itchy On Christmas

Itchy On Christmas - Christmas

“This is a photo of my cousin and I wearing the horrible cat sweaters our Grandma knit us every Christmas. You can see the enthusiasm radiating from our faces when we were forced to model them for the rest of the family. If an angry cat head sweater doesn’t say Merry Christmas, I don’t know what does.”

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50 Shades Of Grandma

50 Shades Of Grandma - Grandma

“My 85-year-old Grandma wrote a book. Mom hounded me to read it. This was on page 7.”

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Family Event

Family Event - Christmas

“After last year’s ‘Happy Birthday, Jesus!’ cake, Grandma decided to take religion out of the Christmas party entirely.”

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Ashes To Ashes

Ashes To Ashes - Grandma

“Nobody wanted to tell Grandma her dish with ‘slots for spoons’ was really an ashtray.”

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Shrimp Substitute

Shrimp Substitute - Grandma

“We found this looking through my grandmother’s old things.”

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