Glampa - Grandpa

“My 76-year-old grandpa dressed up as Elton John for Halloween. Grandma said it was her first time putting rouge and an earring on her husband.”

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Mystery Man

Mystery Man - Black And White

“The man in the back in the Copacabana outfit is my grandpa, who I never met. He looks like a fun-loving type of guy! Nobody in my family knows where this photo was taken, or why.”

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100 Percent Snakeskin

100 Percent Snakeskin - Black And White

“Just a picture of my great-grandpa wearing a suit that he made entirely out of rattlesnake, complete with a tie, shoes, cane and hat!”

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Bathing Suit

Bathing Suit - Black And White

“My great-grandfather at the beach. He didn’t mess around.”

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Wedding Sympathy

Wedding Sympathy - Grandpa

“My granddad sent us this card attached to his wedding RSVP.”

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Done With It

Done With It - Family Portrait

“This the last photo from our one and only professional photo shoot with my mom’s side of the family. I have no idea why my grandfather is completely turned around or why my mom and I are lifting up my dress.”

(submitted by Andrea)

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Grandpa’s Package

Grandpa’s Package - Christmas

“Everyone was shocked that┬áChristmas morning when we unwrapped this picture of my Dad. But now, when I open the Christmas decorations every year, it cracks me up when I see it. It might look a little odd sitting on the mantle next to Baby Jesus, and the grandkids might groan, but it brings me joy.”

grandpa 2

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