Patriot Games

Patriot Games - Halloween

“My friend just posted this on his Facebook for Throwback Thursday.”

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The Vending Machine

The Vending Machine - Halloween

“So last year my kid wanted to be a mailbox for Halloween. This year, he wanted to be a vending machine. Here are the results…”

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Count Dadula

Count Dadula - Halloween

“Our dad always went as Dracula for Halloween.  This particular year he decided to go for the Oscar!”

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Obvious Plant Fake Halloween Costumes

Obvious Plant Fake Halloween Costumes - Awkward Galleries

Some more genius from the folks at Obvious Plant… just in time for Halloween.

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Two Of A Kind

Two Of A Kind - Halloween

“One year my sister and I wanted to be the Teletubbies for Halloween, so our mother decided to make the costumes herself. But she couldn’t find any yellow footy pajamas so we were stuck being the same one. I’m the one on the left. As you can tell I was thrilled.”

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Pumpkin Overload

Pumpkin Overload - Halloween

“And that’s when I knew my son was done taking family photos.”

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The Great Halloween Tantrum

The Great Halloween Tantrum - Halloween

“I wanted a harem girl costume I saw at Sears but my parents refused to basically get me a slutty costume at 7 years old (which I was totally sure I could pull off, btw) so as a ‘compromise’ my mom bought me this t shirt and hat and I had a full-on tantrum on the front lawn that was so loud neighbors came out of their homes to check out the caterwauling child.”

(submitted by Brandi)

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