July 4th

Guitar Hero - July 4th

Guitar Hero

Some people are just born with it.

(sumitted by Allie)

Patriot Games - July 4th

Patriot Games

Only an American would be cocky enough to attempt a back-of-the-handshelf.

(submitted by Thomas)

Liberty Belle - July 4th

Liberty Belle

She was exercising her freedom to not give a damn.

(submitted by Nikki)

Flagged - July 4th


Don’t just be patriotic. Be patriotic-er.

(submitted by Heather)

The Cookout Incident - Behind The Awkwardness

The Cookout Incident

“My husband was cooking on the grill when my son and daughter in law came up behind to be in the pic too… not realizing the awkward placement of the hotdog and badminton rackets.”

(submitted by Susan)

Showdaddy - Dad


Dad celebrated our nation’s independence in his own unique way.

(submitted by H)

Raise Your Hands - Family Portrait

Raise Your Hands

Even if you’re not so sure.

(submitted by Joan)

Flagwrappers - Family Portrait


Even patriotism has its limits.

The Ex-Pat - Dad

The Ex-Pat

Apparently, someone wasn’t patriotic enough.

(submitted by Ken)

American Bandstand - July 4th

American Bandstand

They did it for the nookie.

(submitted by John)