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How The West Was Won

How The West Was Won - Family Portrait

“My family decided to get one of those ‘Gold Rush Era’ photos. However, if my Mum was going to pay that much for it she wanted it done her way.”

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What The Pillow Saw

What The Pillow Saw - Mom & Dad

“Walked into my parents’ room today…”

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The Tiny Doppelgangers

The Tiny Doppelgangers - Mom & Dad

“The salt and pepper shakers at this restaurant resemble my parents.”

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Going The Extra Mile

Going The Extra Mile - Christmas

“My parents like to make their own holiday cards and think it’s more personal to include photos of themselves or other family. Last year they were inspired by The Elf on the Shelf and took this little gem. It was sent out to the entire family, their friends and even my boss.” 

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Parents Recreate Daughter’s Selfies

Parents Recreate Daughter’s Selfies - Mom & Dad

When college student Emily Musson started sharing selfies taken with her boyfriend on Facebook, she didn’t expect her parents to get in on the action.



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The Retirement Gift

The Retirement Gift - Mom & Dad

“This photo is my mom, about 17 years ago, opening a large package containing a beautiful handmade quilt that the staff at her school gave her at her retirement party (she was school nurse for 27 years). Dad was holding the bottom edges of the bag it was packed in so she could remove the contents more easily.

I found the photo recently, took another look, and fell over laughing!!  We think Dad, who died in April 2011, would have gotten a big kick out of it, too.  (Mom said I could submit this; she has a great sense of humor.)”

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Beware of The Brownies

Beware of The Brownies - Mom & Dad

“My parents just had their 21st anniversary dinner in Japan with a surprise dessert from the restaurant.”

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