An Avante Garde Church Directory Photo

An Avante Garde Church Directory Photo - Kids

“My girls and I. The whole family went for church directory photos and the photographer decided to be ‘creative’ with us. ┬áMy husband is very much alive and well, but this photo screams ‘Dad is dead!'”

(submitted by Tomi)


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Cake Stand

Cake Stand - Graduation

Mom left her in charge of making her sister’s graduation cake.

Mom wasn’t thrilled with the result:

But her sister definitely was:

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No Turning Back

No Turning Back - Babies

“The moment my Mom realized she was in deep.”

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Rubbing It In

Rubbing It In - Co-Workers & Teams

“My wife is spending a week back home with her family. She sent me a picture of herself and her two sisters and mom having lunch. I responded accordingly.”

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Game Stopper

Game Stopper - Mom

“Hoping my mother plays an ‘S.'”

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A Midsummer Night’s Nightmare

A Midsummer Night’s Nightmare - Family Portrait

“This is a picture of my mom, my sister, and me. Guess whose idea it was.”

(submitted by Caren)

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The Final Countdown

The Final Countdown - Mom

“My mom set the timer, but didn’t quite make it to the picture.”

(submitted by Becca)

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