Caddyshack 3

Caddyshack 3 - Celebs

“My mom was told to tell the ‘homeless man’ he couldn’t loiter near her workplace.”

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Sun Spot

Sun Spot - Mom

“My mother-in-law complained about the sun being in her eyes. I closed the blinds, turned around, and saw this.”

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The Caped Crusader

The Caped Crusader - Babies

“I finally agreed to do family pictures, but it was on my terms.”

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Poking Holes

Poking Holes - Mom

Before we proceed with having a good laugh about the mom in this article, let’s just be clear that we support all parents and young adults being able to communicate with each about sex.

OK, now on to the laughing.

An Imgur user shared this story about their Mom, who wanted to be supportive about his budding relationship with a new girlfriend. She even went so far as to providing him with a condom in order to promote safe sex, which she did by attaching it to a family bulletin board along with a note.

That’d be an awkward note for anyone to get from their parent, but in the end it’s a parenting win, right? Take a closer look at the condom.

Well, that’s just unfortunate.

Unless she REALLY wants to be a grandma.

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Second Favorite

Second Favorite - Mom

“It was my brother’s first day of school and I was clearly upset that I was not the favorite child.”

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An Avante Garde Church Directory Photo

An Avante Garde Church Directory Photo - Kids

“My girls and I. The whole family went for church directory photos and the photographer decided to be ‘creative’ with us.  My husband is very much alive and well, but this photo screams ‘Dad is dead!'”

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Cake Stand

Cake Stand - Graduation

Mom left her in charge of making her graduation cake.

Mom wasn’t thrilled with the result:

But she definitely was:

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