Hump Day

Hump Day - Mom

“After an unfortunate incident involving my girlfriend, my Mom made this cake to apologize.”

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Mom Thinks Twice Before Sharing Good News

Mom Thinks Twice Before Sharing Good News - Mom

“When two of my sons both made the Dean’s list at college, I was excited to share the article with family and friends…. until I saw that I (Tauna, their mom) had also made the news that week.”

(submitted by Tauna)

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Recycling Lessons From Mom

Recycling Lessons From Mom - Mom

“My Mom found my brother’s stash, including a bong. So she made the most of the situation…”

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Side By Side

Side By Side - Mom

“This was my year 12 formal and my Mom and I didn’t really want to be there. We’ve always been quite hands-offsy.”

(submitted by Mitch in Australia)

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Cheeky! - Christmas

“Sixty-five-year-old Mom’s ugly Christmas sweater.”

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The Hampered Chef

The Hampered Chef - Mom

“My mother-in-law tried to bake some round sugar cookies while drunk.”

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Grandkids Or Bust

Grandkids Or Bust - Mom

“Lisa’s Mom seems a little too involved here…”

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