Jedi Mom

Jedi Mom - Family Portrait

“My sad attempt to take a cute photo with my four sons.”

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Death By Chocolate

Death By Chocolate - Mom

“I got a bag of clothes from my stepmom and found what I thought was lip gloss inside. When I put it on my lips, I realized what it was. I’m still traumatized.”

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Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb - Awkward Galleries

SeventeenĀ Moms who really, really, REALLY don’t want anyone to wake up the baby.

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The Hive

The Hive - Mom

“80s big hair had nothing on my Mom’s hair from the 70s!”

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No Denying It

No Denying It - Black And White

“On the left is me in 3rd grade. On the right is Mom in 2nd grade. No denying it, we’re definitely related.”

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Like Son Like Mother

Like Son Like Mother - Halloween

“Mom dressed up as her son for Halloween.”
mom 2

mom 3

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The Pack

The Pack - Kids

“I’m just glad they all get along.”

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