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Baby Bird

Baby Bird - Babies

“Found this really normal baby photo of my dad’s. Apparently my grandparents were super comfortable letting their pet parakeet near the baby.”

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Clean Break

Clean Break - Black And White

“Our mom’s first marriage didn’t end well, so my grandmother altered the wedding photo shortly after the dissolution. Both our grandma and mom have since passed away but this is a good example of our family’s no-nonsense approach when encountering difficulties in life. Cut it out and move on.”

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Odd Teen Out

Odd Teen Out - Black And White

“A Valentine’s Day in 1956. All the girls had been paired up, so this kid had to dance with a broom.”

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Engage This

Engage This - Black And White

“My sister got engaged at a baseball game. Somebody wasn’t happy about it.”

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Dad Vs. His Airness

Dad Vs. His Airness - Black And White

“My Dad vs. Michael Jordan in high school.”

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The Son-In-Law

The Son-In-Law - Black And White

“My Uncle in 1956, feeling a bit apprehensive about marrying into a Cuban family.”

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Grandma Kimmel

Grandma Kimmel - Black And White

“My great-grandmother looks exactly like Jimmy Kimmel.”

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In Black And White • November 21st, 2016 • 1 Comment »
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