Riding High

Riding High - Kids

“I was so focused on taking a pic of my daughter on her new bike, I completely missed the graffiti in the background.”

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Zombie Dorothy

Zombie Dorothy - Halloween

“Explained to my daughter she couldn’t be Dorothy two years in a row (the costume didn’t fit any more.) We compromised on this.”

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Selfie Mode

Selfie Mode - Dad

“Stop taking selfies, Dad, your daughter just got engaged!”

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Love Is A Cage

Love Is A Cage - Siblings

“The love between two sisters can be touching. (I turn around for two seconds…)”

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Itchy Smurf

Itchy Smurf - Halloween

“My brother, sister, and I dressed as Smurfs. Guess which one is me?”

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Wedding Survival Guide

Wedding Survival Guide - Wedding

“My rented tux had an extra tag inside to help me get through the wedding.”

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Portrait Of A Stranger

Portrait Of A Stranger - Random Awkwardness

“I found this random painting in a thrift store that looks disturbingly like me.”

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