The Harriest

The Harriest - Celebs

“My son looks more like Harry Potter than Harry Potter.”

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Wedding: The Gathering

Wedding: The Gathering - Couples

“My sister is getting married. This is her save-the-date.”

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Smarter Than The Average Dad

Smarter Than The Average Dad - Dad

“My Dad is either a badass or a terrible parent.”

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The Accidental Yin-Yang

The Accidental Yin-Yang - Siblings

“My identical twin and I. Honestly these outfits weren’t planned. It was just a weird twin moment. It happens a lot.”

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Letter Perfect

Letter Perfect - Grandpa

“Brilliantly facetious letter my grandfather sent his mother and father during World War 2, after she had obviously complained about his handwriting.”

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The Onlooker

The Onlooker - Couples

“That awkward moment when you become part of our love.”

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My Son’s Inheritance

My Son’s Inheritance - Dad

“The photo on the left is my son’s first grade photo. We DID do a retake, but the photographer was so tickled by the photo that he allowed us to keep the original! ┬áThe photo on the right is his Dad and my husband, Doug. Looks like great first grade pictures are biological!”

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