Rocky Horror Wedding Show

Rocky Horror Wedding Show - Friends

“My wedding in 2001. We met at an English pub in Addison, TX, introduced by the owner, Barry Tate. For our wedding, we wanted to recreate the day we met and good ol’ Barry offered to get ordained to marry us. He’s a British prankster who took GREAT delight in going WAY OFF SCRIPT and turned the whole day into a Monty Python skit. This was the crowning moment. When we had just completed our vows,  he said ‘If you ever wondered what a priest wears under his robe…voila!'”

(submitted by Jennifer)

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If The Suit Fits

If The Suit Fits - Couples

“Told my husband I would only wear this again if he did first. He sent me this picture and said, ‘check and mate.'”

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Jack, Be Nimble

Jack, Be Nimble - Kids

“My brother tried to draw ‘Jack’ jumping over the candlestick. Here’s the candle he was trying to draw.”

candle 2

(submitted by Rhiannon)

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Preppie And Punk Rocker

Preppie And Punk Rocker - Family Portrait

“My brother and I are very different. I was a high school dropout and he was a top student, but we both turned out very well. I’m in the Black Flag shirt and he’s in the sweater. Mom got a coupon for free photos at the mall so she dragged us, and history was made. I consented only on the condition that I could wear whatever I wanted. Unfortunately, I also allowed my mom to blow dry my hair like that.”

(submitted by Ruben)



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Crossing Paths

Crossing Paths - Kids

“My husband’s school picture in 1985.”

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Teacup Apology

Teacup Apology - Photos

“When I found a not so clean teacup put back with the rest.”

(submitted by Angela)

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Black Icing

Black Icing - Photos

“The bakery used black icing instead of fondant. The groom thought it tasted great!”

(submitted by Cheryl)

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