High Voltage

High Voltage - Random Awkwardness

“I’m like 80 percent sure the Comcast guy shouldn’t have asked me to do this.”

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Always Watching You

Always Watching You - Awkward Galleries

“Whenever my family visits my aunt and uncle in Minnesota, my brothers and I argue over who has to sleep in the creepy room. Plus, a bonus WTF quilt!”
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The Metamorphosis

The Metamorphosis - Kids

“My friend’s six-year-old daughter drew this at school.”

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Woolyback - Dad

“Dad couldn’t pass up the photo opportunity.”

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Everybody Emotes Differently

Everybody Emotes Differently - Couples

“The wedding photographer caught the bride and groom reading over their vows.”

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The Kiss Thief

The Kiss Thief - Kids

“I’m a mermaid performer. Today a 13-year-old boy stole his first┬ákiss from me while posing for a photo.”

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The Everyday Clown

The Everyday Clown - Babies

“As a child, I would dress up as a clown whenever there was a reason to celebrate – in this case the birth of my younger brother.”

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