Floaters - Family Portrait

“This is my family photo from 1996. My Dad was attempting to copy the photo from the Beatles album called ‘With the Beatles.’ It just looks like our heads are floating.”

(submitted by Kerry)

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Consistent - Dad

“Dad never fails to rip ass during family photos.”

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Struggle For A Smile

Struggle For A Smile - Kids

“My little sister was not happy about her outfit because it was “itchy.” My mom was so upset that she wouldn’t smile. She said, ‘Get over there and smile,’ and this was the result. We laugh about it all the time now. Mom even blew up the picture for my sisters high school graduation. We remade this picture for my mom for Christmas this year (2013).”


(submitted by Tiffany)

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Benjamina Button

Benjamina Button - Kids

“I was born in 1981 but turned 55 in 1992.”

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Sneer For The Camera

Sneer For The Camera - Dad

“I just love the contrast between my mother’s sweet, Madonna-like appearance and my father’s menacing look.  My sister is the wide-eyed innocent in this photograph, while I am the disconsolate girl in the gingham dress.”

(submitted by Leanne)

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Unfortunate - Couples

“I guess I shouldn’t have taken the extra fortune cookie from the ’empty’ table.”

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You’re Fired

You’re Fired - Kids

“My friend’s son left this ‘love note’ on her pillow.”

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