Timer Troubles - Family Portrait

Timer Troubles

“This family portrait was taken in 1970. My Dad had a new slide camera with a timer. I’m the one in the ‘fashionable’ white polyester pantsuit. I have no idea what my mother was doing, but obviously, no one was ready for the shot.”

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The Tiny Pickpocket - Mom & Dad

The Tiny Pickpocket

“My parents made a once-in-a-lifetime trip across the globe to take this photo and all I see is a tiny thief.”

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Right In The Death Stars - Kids

Right In The Death Stars

“Other kids grab boobs and crotches when they meet Disney characters. My son nailed Darth Vader in the nuts with a lightsaber.”

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Dad Is My Canvas - Babies

Dad Is My Canvas

“I bought my son disposable crayons for the bath. He had fun.”

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Mr. Popular - Kids

Mr. Popular

“I was not popular in the 6th grade.”

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Wipeout - Photos


“The photographer at my brother’s wedding caught the exact moment and reason for my wipeout.”

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The Flowers - Photos

The Flowers

“My mother-in-law was visiting for three weeks leaving my father-in-law 2,000 miles away to fend for himself. He sent her these flowers after a week.”

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Find The Dog - Photos

Find The Dog

“My father-in-law took pictures of the cabin the whole family stayed at this weekend. Their dog is in every one of these pictures.”

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Costco Engagement - Photos

Costco Engagement

“We just both really like Costco. I didn’t like the idea of having the regular engagement pics (or really any, but our photographer offered to do it for free). I thought it would be funny to have pictures of us doing really mundane things, and then decided it would be better to romanticize those mundane things. We did get traditional photos (also for free), just in case these didn’t turn out.”

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Bladder Control - Photos

Bladder Control

“My cousin had issues controlling his bladder in the 80’s (I’m sitting on my uncles lap)”

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