Breakup, By Ralph Lauren

Breakup, By Ralph Lauren - Couples

“When your girl dumps you and you try to play it off real smooth.”

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Dad Level 100

Dad Level 100 - Dad

“Any man can be a father but only the special ones know how to be a Dad.”

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Serpentfoot - Random Awkwardness

“So this rather eccentric woman in my hometown decided to change her name.”

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The BFG - Friends

“My already-tall (7ft) friend accidentally took an optical illusion photo.”

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Hangover Prep

Hangover Prep - Kids

“What to do when you have a six-year-old and are expecting a hangover.”

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Crossed Up

Crossed Up - Dad

“From our family portrait session in 1991. Olan Mills gave us  this photo at no additional charge. Guess who probably got a spanking later that evening.”

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Know Thy Selfie, Revisited

Know Thy Selfie, Revisited - Dad

“My friend’s Dad recreates her Facebook selfies and then posts them side-by-side on his own profile. This is his latest and best effort. Legend.”

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