Old Fart

Old Fart - Co-Workers & Teams

“My 71-year-old coworker pulled up to work in this. Apparently ‘pedo’ is Spanish slang for ‘fart.'”

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Baby Bird

Baby Bird - Babies

“Found this really normal baby photo of my dad’s. Apparently my grandparents were super comfortable letting their pet parakeet near the baby.”

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It’s Science

It’s Science - Kids

“We’re in the middle of a science fair project at my house. I found this appropriate.”

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Bachelorette Recreation

Bachelorette Recreation - Photos

“The bachelorette party posted a photo on vacation in Nashville. The bachelor party recreated it in Chicago.”

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Saddle Up

Saddle Up - Photos

“During a family trip to Lake Lanier, we all decided to pose individually by this statue with unique, cute poses. At the time, I didn’t realize how this would look.”

(submitted by Sherri)

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Got Milk?

Got Milk? - Photos

“My pregnant older sister and mother bet me I couldn’t get the breast pump to ‘latch’ on to me. I won the bet, but lost the war. This picture is framed and in my parents’ hallway.”

(submitted by Matthew)

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Hug Malfunction

Hug Malfunction - Family Portrait

“This is a photo of my twin brother and I with our mom when we were about 5 years old. I went in for a hug and ended up copping a feel. For years I hated seeing this photo hanging on the hallway wall. Now I think it’s hilarious.”

(submitted by Teri)

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