Recreating the Awkwardness

Recreating the Awkwardness - Recreations

“My brothers and I recreated a portrait from our childhood 18 years later.”


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Her Son Grew Up, She Knitted A New One

Her Son Grew Up, She Knitted A New One - Awkward Galleries

“I am a professional knitter who likes to knit weird things for my brand Club Geluk. We knit realistic everyday stuff with lots of details and even wrote a book about it. We knit hams, tv’s plants, etc. To set the bar a little higher regarding my knitting skills, I thought of knitting my son. The reactions during the process were so diverse from creepy to beautiful that we decided to make some photos in real life to place the weirdness in context. And then I said, with irony and a therefore for a laugh, that this would be great for mothers who had trouble cutting the imaginary umbilical cord when their children were reaching puberty (I do not have this problem at all). ”

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Vision Quest

Vision Quest - Siblings

“They really didn’t think through the design on my brother’s wrestling shirt.”

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I Am Thankful For…

I Am Thankful For… - Kids

“My son was supposed to write what he was thankful for… I believe it’s supposed to say “My House.”

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Tooth Fairy Law

Tooth Fairy Law - Random Awkwardness

When Emily Winter lost a tooth as a child in 1989, her lawyer parents handled it in an unusual way. Her mother drafted an affadavit for her to sign, which outlined the circumstances of her “lost or missing tooth,” and ordered the tooth fairy to “compensate Affiant in the usual and customary manner.” After Winter signed, her father notarized the document. This might explain why Winter is now a comedian. (via source)

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Lil’ Kim

Lil’ Kim - Siblings

“I have some South Korean friends who are brothers. Last night they got into an argument. This is the result.”

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Ethan’s Gone List

Ethan’s Gone List - Siblings

“My daughter’s list in case anything happens to her older brother.”

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