Just Do It

Just Do It - Siblings

“My brother’s Nike knockoff from Korea in the 90′s.”

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The Wrestler

The Wrestler - Halloween

“When I was in first grade, I went to school on Halloween dressed like the wrestler Ax of Demolition.”

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Baby Pumpkin

Baby Pumpkin - Friends

“This is my friend’s husband inside a pumpkin bounce house. Nothing better than a family outing where you see a live breech birth.”

breech 2

breech 3

breech 4

(submitted by Kelly)


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Au Natural

Au Natural - Kids

“I got my wedding proofs back and was amused by this one in which I appear as though I am in the nude.”

(submitted by Katie)

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Kindergarten Flip

Kindergarten Flip - Graduation

“My kindergarten graduation from a Christian school. I was upset that my sister was in the picture because it was my day. My brother is behind the camera and I’m flipping him while holding a children’s Bible. Good times.”

(submitted by Jennifer)

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The Pack

The Pack - Kids

“I’m just glad they all get along.”

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Hiding Out

Hiding Out - Kids

“My daughter is going pro at hide-n-seek.”

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