The One Who Couldn’t Get Away

The One Who Couldn’t Get Away - Photos

Being a bridesmaid can be hard work, and Janessa James proved it with this photo that showed her willingness to do whatever it took for her best friend. To set the scene, Janessa told Brides magazine that she had been assisting with a photoshoot for the bride and groom. The photographer wanted a “floating gown” look, and Janessa was tasked with holding up the gown to create the intended effect. Problem was, Janessa couldn’t quite get out of frame, so the photographer’s solution was for her to fling the gown into the air and then fling herself out of the shot. The result is an unintentional masterpiece.

Janessa says the photo sums up “How I’m currently feeling about wedding and engagement season coming up,” and describes herself as “perpetually single.” She’s only 21 years old, but weddings have a way of heightening emotions for everyone involved–including the bridesmaids.

Either way, all of us should be so lucky to have a bridesmaid or groomsman as loyal as Janessa.

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Wilted - Kids

“The flower girl before the wedding, and after the reception. Long day for her.”

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Mystery Man

Mystery Man - Black And White

“The man in the back in the Copacabana outfit is my grandpa, who I never met. He looks like a fun-loving type of guy! Nobody in my family knows where this photo was taken, or why.”

(submitted by Chelsea)

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Central Asia Chic

Central Asia Chic - Glamour Shots

“I took glamour shots in Turkmenistan. They provided the outfit and backdrop. Best $20 I ever spent.”

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“L” Is For “Lawsuit”

“L” Is For “Lawsuit” - Photos

“My son is learning the alphabet.”

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Twin Trouble

Twin Trouble - Dad

“Our family was at Arctic Roadrunner (a burger place in Anchorage, Alaska) when I captured this shot of my husband Jim and our 2-year-old twins, Hank and Annie. Daddy and Annie are having a blast while Hank stands in the foreground clearly not a part of the inner circle. Also his Daddy cut his bangs way too short a week ago so things just aren’t going his way lately.”

(submitted by Sarah)

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Bathroom Gollum

Bathroom Gollum - Couples

“I think I’m married to Gollum.”

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