The Cutest Computer Threat

The Cutest Computer Threat - Kids

“My friend’s seven-year-old sister left this note for her parents on their computer.”

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Propaholic - School Photos

“My Aunt’s high school drill team photo. Do you think she needs more props?”

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Irish Photobomb

Irish Photobomb - Vacation

“We were on a vacation in Ireland and went exploring the grounds of Blarney Castle when my parents chose to have their picture taken. There was a cave in the rock with a convenient hole I used to photobomb the picture. We all thought it was hilarious.”

(submitted by Griffin)

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Damn You Autocorrect

Damn You Autocorrect - Friends

“At a friend’s wedding. I can’t wait for 3:30!”

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A Pillow That Watches You Sleep

A Pillow That Watches You Sleep - Dad

“I gave my Dad a cushion with my face on it for Father’s Day. He loves it.”

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Two Sides of Dad

Two Sides of Dad - Christmas

“This is the photo my Grandmother sent out as her X-mas card in the early 70s. She didn’t like my Dad’s not-smiling face so she cut out one from a different picture, pasted it in place and sent it to the printers. Note the glue on my Dad’s face where Grandma had attempted to affix the smiling face before it shifted during printing. Still one of the funniest things ever sent to more than 200 friends and family.”

(submitted by Karrie)

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Plaid To See You

Plaid To See You - Family Portrait

“It took Dad forever to find just the right tie.”

(submitted by Tara)

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