Wet Christmas

Wet Christmas - Photos

“My Mom told my Dad he better not embarrass her at Grandma’s this year. He showed up to Christmas dinner dressed like this.”

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Gifts For The Godless

Gifts For The Godless - Easter

“My Mom sent me an Easter care package…”

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Face To Face

Face To Face - Couples

“My picture is of cousin and his now-wife, from their engagement photoshoot. They love to stay healthy and love to share… so here they are splitting a cool refreshing drink from the public water fountain.”

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The Bikini Cake

The Bikini Cake - Birthdays

“This is my granddad and myself.  I can only assume he was so proud of the cake that he decided that his only grandson needed to be a part of such a grand occasion.”

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Drinkware - Dad

“This is my favorite ever Dad pic.”

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Boyfriend Shaming

Boyfriend Shaming - Couples

“Got blackout drunk last night. My girlfriend helped me remember what happened.”

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Coaster Casual

Coaster Casual - Couples

“My girlfriend and her sister wanted to look casual on the roller coaster. Totally understand why they paid $10 for this picture.”

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