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Suspension Of Disbelief

“The photographer at my buddy’s wedding caught the exact moment his suspender failed and nicked his eyebrow.”

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Signs Signs Everywhere Are Signs

“My sister just got married. She asked me to save a newspaper from her wedding day.”

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Shadow Puppet

“Drunk guy peeing behind the tent at a wedding reception.”

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Kids For Sale

“That time our parents tried to sell me and my sister with the house.”

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“My parents found this note I wrote them when I was nine years old.”

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Most Awkward Bowie Tribute

“My hometown newspaper did the worst tribute to David Bowie…”

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Bank of Dad

“Our 6 y/o asked Dad for an advance on his allowance for a toy. This is the response he got.”

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The Dark Side

“How the parents of the kids I babysit get their boys to aim.”

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Wife Keeps Track Of Her Husband’s Rambling Sleeptalk

Imgur user LongTitlesMakeMeHappy  shared his slumbering ramblings over Christmas, writing: “I talk in my sleep and my wife messages me what I say.” She explains:...

Magic Mike

“The things your parents get you to do as a kid…”

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