She’s Got Legs

She’s Got Legs - Behind The Awkwardness

“My dad and mom were magicians touring with a circus when I was just a small kid. We have a set of promo shots taken in front of this weird clown poster. Among the good photos, there is also this one. Apparently, Mom got tired and went laying on the nearby bed while my dad was making funny faces to the camera and I seemed to be interested in the clown poster. Without knowing the backstory though, it looks like Dad did something suspicious with mom…”

(submitted by Mirella)

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Ready To Mow

Ready To Mow - Kids

“This is my son. He wanted to help with yard work so I asked him to get dressed. He came out with this on.”

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Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect - Siblings

“My sister is definitely going to hate me for this.”

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My Whole Life Is A Lie

My Whole Life Is A Lie - Christmas

“The year my sister told me Santa isn’t real.”

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Carrot Top

Carrot Top - Siblings

“My brother teases our little sister with chalkboard drawings every day. This was today’s.”

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Deez Kids

Deez Kids - Kids

“A note from my 10 year-old son’s teacher about his behavior in school that day. I couldn’t hold back the laughter.”

(submitted by Heather)

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Stocks And Bondage

Stocks And Bondage - Random Awkwardness

“It gets awkward when Mom and Dad come to visit.”

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