Not A Belieber

Not A Belieber - Photos

“My eight-year-old cousin just celebrated her birthday and had a couple interesting gift requests: a bow-and-arrow set and a poster of Justin Bieber.”

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Permfection - School Photos

“This is me.  What in the world my mom was thinking when she did this to me, I cannot say.  Between the homespun clothes and the perm gone wrong, I never had a chance.”

(submitted by Jen)

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The Best Bleeping Baby Book

The Best Bleeping Baby Book - Babies

“My sister found this at the hospital after she had a baby.”

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That’s Not A Blanket

That’s Not A Blanket - Siblings

“I came home and found my drunk brother.”

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Xanadude - Glamour Shots

“My brother used to like roller skating.”

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Kiss Of Death

Kiss Of Death - Kids

“My brother just got married. This is my favorite shot from the night.”

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Mom Wanted Twins

Mom Wanted Twins - Family Portrait

“This is a photo of my boyfriend when he was two years old. Why does he match that doll? Why is there a lit candle in the middle of the train? Did the photographer provide the doll and matching outfits? We will never know.”

(submitted by Kirsten)

In Family Portrait • March 2nd, 2016 • Comments Off on Mom Wanted Twins
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