Strapless 2

Strapless 2 - Family Portrait

“My Nana (the woman in the glasses) won a radio contest for a family portrait. The session ended up being held in a motel and Nana thought it would be a good idea to wear a strapless dress. Also note my Aunt Mimi’s (the girl in her lap) devilish, evil smile.”

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World’s Best Husband

World’s Best Husband - Couples

“My wife hates rollercoasters. After I pitched a fit, she finally agreed to ride one with me.”

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Clean Break

Clean Break - Black And White

“Our mom’s first marriage didn’t end well, so my grandmother altered the wedding photo shortly after the dissolution. Both our grandma and mom have since passed away but this is a good example of our family’s no-nonsense approach when encountering difficulties in life. Cut it out and move on.”

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Kindergarten Chic

Kindergarten Chic - Photos

“My brother was joking about how he dresses like a 5-year-old. Then he found this.”

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A Letter Concerning “Wildo The Dildo”

A Letter Concerning “Wildo The Dildo” - News That Makes Us Feel Awkward

When Paul Hunt, a father from Somerset, England, received a letter from school about his son’s behavior, he was expecting trouble. What he got was, according to him, “The funniest thing I’ve ever read.”

Like most young children, Paul’s son and his friends enjoy coming up with imaginary friends and giving them names, but one such characters landed boys in hot water. The name? “Wildo the Dildo.”

Paul posted the letter on his Twitter and it’s been retweeted over 4,000 times.

In the letter, his son’s teacher explains that one of the kids overheard the word on the playground and found creative inspiration. The school isn’t planning on punishing his son but to do prefer Paul discuss the name with him. Punting seems like the right move on the school’s part.

What the letter DOESN’T explain, unfortunately for all of us, is who Wildo is and what he/she/it is like. I like to imagine Wildo as a whimsical, good-natured wizard who just wants to be friends with everyone, and can’t figure out why the other wizards never return his calls. What’s your take?

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Evil Eyed

Evil Eyed - Dad

“A daughter’s first prom.”

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Get Down

Get Down - Grandparents

“My grandpa showed me a picture from his wedding night. Have you ever seen a picture more obviously from the 70’s?”

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