Young People Swap Clothes With Their Elders

Young People Swap Clothes With Their Elders - Awkward Galleries

Artist Qozop photographed young people swapping clothes with their parents and grandparents.In Qozop’s words: “It was easy to get the kids to agree to be photographed, the older folks required a little coaxing. But once they have been photographed, they were often curious and amused to see themselves in their child’s or grandchild’s attire – some were so comfortable in their new getup that they joked that they wanted to remain in that attire for the rest of the day!”

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The Turcumcision

The Turcumcision - Behind The Awkwardness

“In Turkey, they dress you up like a pimp and throw a huge party after you get circumcised.”

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Let There Be Blood

Let There Be Blood - Kids

“I always look forward to when my sister has my nieces make or sign cards for me for my birthday.  A couple years ago I opened the mail and found this delightful birthday message inside written in little kid serial killer caps. I asked my sister what the deal was and she said Mora was very traumatized that a tiny dot of blood was coming out of her knee after she tripped on a toy. ‘Mora (who was 4 at the time) INSISTED that I put this information in your card so I made her stop crying and write it herself.’

What an honor that she wanted to share her pain with me.  I have proudly displayed this card in every office I’ve worked at hoping someone will notice.”

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Gearheads - Behind The Awkwardness

“On our way to visit our grandparents house, we had to stop at Sears for something.  My step mother saw the photo booth and decided we would do our annual family photo right then, without brushing our hair, or even taking our head gear off!  Needless to say, we were not thrilled.”

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Thinking of You

Thinking of You - Uncles, Aunts, & Cousins

“My friend got a letter from his great aunt who he has only met a couple times in his life.”

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Stock Photos Get Real

Stock Photos Get Real - Awkward Galleries

Sara Given created this hilarious blog called It’s Like They Know Us which pokes fun at the unrealistic stock photos of families you see online.

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