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Bang Your Drum

“This is a picture of my boyfriend Shane Hooker ( yes I have permission to post) as you can see it is a professional picture of him in his band uniform standing in front of a large bass drum.”

(submitted by Patricia)

Ask A Preschooler

“Preschoolers get asked a question every week at daycare and they post the responses on the whiteboard. This week’s was pretty good.”

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One Reason Not To Name Your Child Curt

“Stay strong, Curts of the world. Stay strong.”

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Bite Me

“My cousin’s 2-year-old kept getting bit by other kids at her daycare, so she had this shirt made up.”

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Selfie Check

“Our moms mocked our selfie at the Dodger game”

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Cake On His Hands

“Tried to get a nice photo of my nephew on his birthday, instead he looks like he murdered someone.”

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Can You Take Me Higher?

“My dad always got us so high.”

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World’s Funniest “Dicks”

How immature are we? Very. But dare you not to crack a smile. Read More

Lost In Space

“This is why my 14 year-old should look up from his phone sometimes.”

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Symapthy For The Devil

“When you have triplets, you don’t always think everything through.”

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