Squirrel Bomb - Family Portrait

Squirrel Bomb

“It wasn’t until I was editing the photos in Lightroom that I noticed the squirrel trying to be a part of the family portrait.”

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Up In Smoke - Babies

Up In Smoke

“This is the only photo of me as a child that survived the fire… and I’m totally okay with that.”

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Grandma vs Mixer - Grandma

Grandma vs Mixer

“My grandma got into a fight with our mixer. The mixer won.”

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Sucker Punch - Grandma

Sucker Punch

“My Grandma got new teeth today, someone then gave her a sucker… it all went down hill from there.”

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Up - Friends


“My friend attached balloons to his dreads and then cut them off yesterday.”

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Pantsed - Co-Workers & Teams


“When you see it…”

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It’s A… - Babies

It’s A…

“Cookies celebrating our newborn came today. Woops.”

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The Dawn Of Man - Kids

The Dawn Of Man

“My 5 year old kid asked me who the first human was, so we had an impromptu lesson on evolution. I think I nailed it.”

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