Duck Hunter - Behind The Awkwardness

Duck Hunter

“Once my parents couldn’t find me and had to call the police. This was the most recent photo they had (me holding a dead duck my dad brought home from hunting) to show the police, who thought it was hilarious.”

(submitted by Cheryl)

Gene Pool - Family Portrait

Gene Pool

“My family was not particularly photogenic in the 80s.”

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20 Groomsmen Photos With A Twist - Lists

20 Groomsmen Photos With A Twist

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Hip To Be Square - Babies

Hip To Be Square

“My fiancé’s family always teased him about having a square head, I never understood it until I saw this…”

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Lunch With Santa - Christmas

Lunch With Santa

“Saw Santa eating lunch, so I sat with him… he gave me the death stare and continued to eat. The people in the background make the picture interesting look at their faces!”

(submitted by Johnnie)

Don’t Be Offended - Photos

Don’t Be Offended

“I’m an Army veteran. A very sweet old lady handed me this note in a VA hospital waiting room.”

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You Raise Me Up - Dad

You Raise Me Up

“My grandpa, my dad, and myself. Making three generations of wives worried sick.”

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It’s Clint - Birthdays

It’s Clint

“It was my cousin Clint’s birthday, and his mother-in-law reminds us all about the importance of kerning.”

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Fresh Man - School Photos

Fresh Man

“When my son asks why he can’t get his hair cut in a style he thinks is ‘cool’, I show him this photo from my freshman year in high school.”

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Uncle Buck - Uncles, Aunts, & Cousins

Uncle Buck

“My son asked his Uncle to write ‘Batman’ for him… this is why he isn’t allowed to watch my kids.”

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