Rocketman - Kids

“I was kind of a badass when I was a kid.”

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Happy Meals

Happy Meals - Recreations

‘Three siblings and a cousin enjoying some happy meals just like we used to.”

(submitted by Ryan)

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My Mother’s Gamecock

My Mother’s Gamecock - Mom

“My parents raised gamecocks back in the 70s and my dad wanted a picture of my mother with one. And now we have this lovely gem of a photograph.”

(submitted by Mitzi)

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Homecoming Crack

Homecoming Crack - Dad

“My daughter, her date and her friends were taking homecoming pictures in the front yard. She said I was embarrassing her in front of her friends so I made sure she was embarrassed while checking the air pressure in the tires before they left for the dance.”

(submitted by Kevin)

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Welcome To Arkansas

Welcome To Arkansas - Behind The Awkwardness

“During a road trip from Kansas to Florida in 1987, this was my standard pose for all state welcome signs. None more appropriate than Arkansas.”

(submitted by Derek)

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Elvis Crashed Our Wedding

Elvis Crashed Our Wedding - Wedding

“I always loved Elvis.  I invited him to our wedding, but then I realized the Elvis impersonator was really bad.  I also invited Peyton Manning, but all I got was a lousy Elvis impersonator.”

(submitted by Mollie)

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Retaliation Notes

Retaliation Notes - Kids

“My niece is mad at her sisters. Today, my brother found her retaliation notes.”

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