useless superpowers

20 Useless Superpowers

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funny sunburn picture

15 Sunburns

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awkward mascot picture

Balloon Animals

“I found this picture today of me and my mother. While showing my husband I noticed something in the bunny’s lap. While I’m sure he is holding a balloon it sure doesn’t look like it!!!”

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funny prom picture

Uptown Funk

“This is a picture of my uncle and his friends before a school dance circa 1975. Leisure suits, bell bottoms, and they decided it was an awesome idea to remove their shirts for the picture. All the girls were gaga over these guys back then.”

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clark kent kid

Clark Kent

“This is probably the greatest portrait taken during the 1980s. It is of my older brother and he was clearly experimenting which look worked better, glasses or no glasses.”

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funny signs

20 Signs Lost in Translation

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funny lookalikes

Kids Who Look Exactly Like Relatives

“Top left is my Grandma, top right is my aunt, bottom left is me and bottom right is my daughter.”

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modern digital family

Modern Family

“The conversation really flows at our family gatherings.”

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creepy playgrounds

34 Creepy Playgrounds

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funny recreation

Recreating the Awkwardness

“One of my mother’s favorite photos of the boys (I’m the middle son), taken about 1965 in a creek in rural Kentucky. It would be almost impossible to get us together in the same spot now, so I pieced this together over 40 years later. My mom treasured it until her passing last week.”

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