accident child

Oops Child

“As you can see, I’m obviously the ‘oops’ child.”

(submitted by Becca)

old creepy easter

The Evolution of Bunny


Present Day

awkward easter stain

The Stain

“My sister and me in our handmade matching Easter dresses. No one remembers how the “stain” got on the front of my dress… I think we all just blocked it out.”

(submitted by Kirsten)

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awkward family easter

In The Cold of Easter

“Even the papier-mâché bunny knew them marriage was over. Happy Easter, everyone!”

(submitted by Angela)

awkward easter bunny

Patch Adams

“This is a picture of my son with our first experience with my new sister-in-laws family. Apparently, her uncle has dressed as the Easter bunny for 20+ years.. that costume is as old as he has been doing this and yes, he has been wearing glasses with an eye patch for over several years… that was not part of his costume!”

(submitted by Holly)

awkward fortune cookie


“Got this fortune while eating Hibachi with my girlfriend. She was not amused.”

(via agarner)

killer clown

Killer Clown

“The clown that attended my birthday party back in ’93.”

(via mallinds)