The Wedding Present

The Wedding Present - Wedding

“This is why people register.”

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I Swear It’s Patrick From Sponge Bob

I Swear It’s Patrick From Sponge Bob - School Photos

“Poor kid put his shirt for picture day in the wash… but he got up to late and didn’t have time to dry it. So he had to pick a different shirt… I swear that is just Patrick’s head from Sponge Bob. Oh, dear.”

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Wife Warning

Wife Warning - Couples

“I know the wife is serious about being sick when I find something like this on the door when I come home.”

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The Kiss and I

The Kiss and I - Babies

“My parents took me and my sis to Paris. I was clearly not impressed. Their marriage is still awesome, 30 years strong! Love you two.”

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Spelling D

Spelling D - Kids

“My six-year old son got a note sent home from his teacher yesterday. The circled words are what he was supposed to use for his spelling work.”

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Ballers - Co-Workers & Teams

“My friend got her daughter’s basketball team pictures today.”

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