haircut fail, funny school photo

Little Off the Front

“Perfect haircut for picture day. Thanks, Dad.”

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awkward easter bunny


“My mom worked for the local University athletic department and thought it would be a good idea to hire a few football players to dress up as Easter bunnies. My friend and I cried the moment we saw them. Our parents finally coaxed us over to the swings to get a quick photo before they sent them away. It was definitely an Easter fail.”

(submitted by Kerry)

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accident child

Oops Child

“As you can see, I’m obviously the ‘oops’ child.”

(submitted by Becca)

old creepy easter

The Evolution of Bunny


Present Day

awkward easter stain

The Stain

“My sister and me in our handmade matching Easter dresses. No one remembers how the “stain” got on the front of my dress… I think we all just blocked it out.”

(submitted by Kirsten)

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awkward family easter

In The Cold of Easter

“Even the papier-mâché bunny knew them marriage was over. Happy Easter, everyone!”

(submitted by Angela)