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It’s Complicated

Some relationship wisdom from our friends at Someecards. Read More


“I look like I’m playing an imaginary trumpet.”

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“This is my school photo for my junior year in high school. I laugh every time I see it and yes, I was sober FYI.”

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Curb Your Enthusiasm

“So my mom ‘met’ Larry David today.”

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A Rat’s Tail

“My best friend exhibiting every bad kid haircut all at once.”

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Sisterhood Of The Traveling Mom Jeans

And this was their freestyle pose.

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It’s complicated.

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Wild Pizzas

This is an ongoing series from photographer Jonpaul Douglass that documents real pizzas in random places. In case you are wondering, they are $5 variety from Little Caesars and...

Dads & Grads

“It’s been 14 years in the making. I present to you the final chapter.”

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Same Sex

“My girlfriend and best friend have birthdays one day apart. This was the only solution.”

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