funny child picture

Falling Slowly

“My daughter and I had been holding hands and she was leaning away from me and our photographer caught the perfect moment!  So the rest of us are looking fabulous while my 2 year old is crashing into the pavement!”

… and later that day. Seriously.

(submitted by Ashley)


awkward picture

A Is For Awesome

“We got family pictures done a couple of months ago and I thought that this was a genius idea. It came out terrifying. The A was supposed to be for awesome.”

(submitted by Tiye)

funny rushmore picture


What kids hasn’t been forced to do this?

(submitted by Jackie)

funny dog picture

Puppy Love

Just breathe, ladies.

(submitted by Steve)

funny group photo, awkward bros picture

Bros For Life 2

Apparently, they all just came from a wedding.

(submitted by Chris)

funny japanese costume


“This photo comes from the last of several wedding photo sessions. After a while I think that the photographer got bored and just started making up poses.”

(submitted by Katarina)

awkward wedding party picture

Best Man

“Co-worker was best man at wedding. Had a few drinks to ‘loosen up.’ Maybe one too many?”

(via robbo)

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26 Couples That Will Be Your Valentine

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funny school picture


“My brother has always been a little strange.”

(submitted by Michael)

funny father son picture

Balancing Acts

“My grandpa, my dad and myself. Making three generations of wives worried sick.”

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