Last Friday Night

Last Friday Night - Behind The Awkwardness

“Everything I had going on for me summed up in one picture: feathered bangs, orange and black rubber bands on my braces because it was around Halloween (I did that for every holiday), glasses (which my mom picked out in peach so they ‘blended with my face), a high pony tail because I was on the dance team, and turquoise earrings (duh, I live in New Mexico). Years later my friend would point out how similar I looked to Katy Perry in the “Last Friday Night” video.”

(submitted by Sabrina)

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Welcome To The Show

Welcome To The Show - Photos

“Our daughter welcomes her newborn sibling to the family.”

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The Intruder

The Intruder - Family Portrait

“It wasn’t until I was editing the photos in Lightroom that I noticed the squirrel trying to be a part of the family portrait.”

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Teaching Bad

Teaching Bad - Kids

“Let’s hope my son is better at ‘meth’ than he is at spelling.”

(submitted by Jen)

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Kiss Off

Kiss Off - Family Portrait

Frankly, the dog was offended.

(submitted by Stephanie)

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The Eviction Notice

The Eviction Notice - Kids

“Apparently, I am rude to my children in my area.”

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Cuppy - Grandma

“This was my Grandmother’s favorite trick after a few drinks.”

(submitted by Jennifer)

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