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Kids Who Look Exactly Like Parents

“My little clone-y. First grade pics of my son (2002) and me (1971).”

(submitted by Amy)

Peas In A Pod

They had similar interests.

(submitted by Fran)

17 Brides Tossing… Cats

Recently, one Australian guy found a way to combine his love for cats and Photoshop by creating a series of imaginative wedding photos called Brides Throwing Cats. By swapping out...

Theodin the Flocculent

“Theodin the Flocculent is a very ill tempered angora rabbit, it’s debated if his ancestry is directly related to the Monty Python rabbit. He enjoys chewing on your rugs and pooping everywhere. Occasionally, he has been known to kick open a mini fridge and make a tasty snack of all your fresh veggies.”

(submitted by Tiffany)


“My twin and I fighting over a chair, 1991.”

(via stuckhere)

25 Wrong Test Answers That Deserve an A+

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Kids Who Look Exactly Like Parents

“My mom gave me all my old school photos and when my 14 year old saw it, she grabbed it and said, ‘Hey Mom…it’s me! In 1990-something.'”

(submitted by April)

Torso Man

“I heard my dad angrily muttering to himself and then this weird, weird laughter… This is how I found him.”

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A slice of life.

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11 Wedding Disasters

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