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The Auditor

The Auditor - Halloween

“Found a childhood photo of mine… kind of explains the smartass label my parents gave me when I was younger.”

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Floored - Wedding

“Wedding photographer captures romantic moment between bridesmaid and floor.”

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One Star Reviews Of National Parks

One Star Reviews Of National Parks - Awkward Galleries

Kauai, Hawaii

While it might seem strange, given their beauty, it turns out that a few national park visitors aren’t leaving their vacations satisfied at all. And they’re taking to Yelp to voice their complaints.

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Children Of The Corn

Children Of The Corn - Recreations

“I grew up on a farm in rural South Dakota, and my parents took this photo of me (left) and my brother and sister during the 1990 harvest. I was full of nervous tics back then, puffing my cheeks out and tugging at my already-too small shorts. This past weekend was the 25-year anniversary of that photo, and it was a rare occasion where the whole family was together. My brother, sister, and I stood in about the same place on the farm to recreate this gem, with me wearing my mother’s tank top and dad’s swimming trunks.”

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Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake - Babies

“My niece loves strawberries.”

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Minions - Kids

“My friend’s 8-year old cousin made this self portrait in art class. He was wearing a minions shirt. Needless to say his family was very confused at first.”

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