Stock Photos Get Real

Stock Photos Get Real - Awkward Galleries

Sara Given created this hilarious blog called It’s Like They Know Us which pokes fun at the unrealistic stock photos of families you see online.

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Set In The Street

Set In The Street - Awkward Galleries

#SetintheStreet is an ongoing art project in which Justin Bettman (and on select shoots Gozde Eker) are building elaborate sets out of unwanted materials and furniture, most of which is found on the street.After shooting the photos, the sets are left up on the street, where passersby can shoot their own photos and share using the Instagram hashtag #setinthestreet.

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Soon - Dad

“I think my son may be plotting to kill me.”

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The Preschool Cookbook

The Preschool Cookbook - Kids

“Preschool class submitted recipes for a cookbook.”

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The Middle

The Middle - Siblings

“My 2 daughters came to see their brand new baby brother. The middle child was not to happy to give up her title as baby of the family!”

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Blue Steel

Blue Steel - Babies

“My son is only 2 weeks old, but he’s already mastered Blue Steel.”

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Mother Lover

Mother Lover - Random Awkwardness

Placement is everything.

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