Eye Contact Revisited

Eye Contact Revisited - Recreations

“Hey guys at AFP!  I know you have had a lot of success with the “Eye Contact” photo (and my sister-in-laws family gets recognized often while out and about!) I sent in several years ago!  We recreated the scene over Thanksgiving.  Aunt Telcia is now 7 months pregnant, so we had my husband, Trent, ( Aunt Telcia’s brother) fill in.  I thought you would like the see the picture and the growth of the family featured!”


(submitted by Nicole)

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Kids Who Look Exactly Like Their Parents

Kids Who Look Exactly Like Their Parents - Kid & Parent Lookalikes

“My dad and I each in 8th grade. About 1993 for me and 1956 for him.”

(submitted by Ashley)

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Lapbrother - Siblings

“I’m sure my mom thought this photo was a wonderful idea at the time. The fact that my sister is superimposed as a giant ghostly head distracts from the more disturbing details– like the fact that I am sitting on my older brother’s lap and holding hands with him, and that we also have matching glasses. I don’t remember a lot about the day that we took this photo, but I do remember thinking that my brown striped sweater was my ‘cool’ sweater and I insisted on wearing it. The fact that my collar had a longer wingspan than a bald eagle is a nice finishing touch.”

(submitted by Chris)

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Caged - Kids

“It took hours to find someone with the key.”

(via blondered)

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Dear Stefanie

Dear Stefanie - Couples

The letter you send when you want her to break up with you.

(submitted by Chris)

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Highrise - School Photos

“I show my boyfriend this picture from my childhood and suddenly reproducing with me is off the table.”

(via sillysally)

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Ride On

Ride On - Dad

“A father is a most important person in our life. In this picture, father became a horse and said for me to ride… it’s a most memorable moment. I didn’t wanna to ride because of he is weak but father said “Don’t worry, I’m all right.”

(submitted by Abdul in Bangladesh)

In Dad • April 13th, 2015 • 3 Comments »
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